Deep web is a part of the internet that isn’t visible to search engines. Everything you see right now: google facebook, tumblr consists of only 4% on the entire history, the deep web is the other 96% of the internet.

Here are some facts about it

  1. It can be accessed using this program called Tor which provides anonymity
  2. People can hire others to kill for them through this site. One hit man boasts “I’ll do my best to make it seem like an accident or suicide”
  3. People can buy and sell drugs, everything from weed to LSD. The most famous one was the Silk Road, which got shut down by the FBI.
  4. There’s an organization called Buttery Bootleg that will help you steal anything that you can’t buy or afford. 
  5. There’s a section on Human Experiments that apparently details medical experiments on homeless people that are unregistered citizens. 
  6. They performed experiments ranging from starvation, to sterilization to vivisections. 
  7. It’s really sick but there was a debate about whether this is a real event or a parody site.
  8. People can also purchase weapons ranging from guns to ammo
  9. People can purchase credit card information
  10. The Hidden Wiki: which explains everything about the deep web. It’s sick especially the child pornographic section where there was a thread describing selling human sex dolls. 
  11. I don’t want to go into detail about all the disgusting and gross things about child porno there, but if you want you can read this one man’s experience (just scroll down) and this girl’s experience and the sick thread she found
  12. From the messages, I have received previously, the Deep Web is mostly information and a lot of data. There are horrible things there (that I listed) but most of it is computer information. 


i really wish people would stop propagating this “deep web” horseshit. first off, it comes in an Onion Bundle which includes the Tor browser and a proxy service. Second off, “the deep web” almost always references the Onion network, which is addresses that end in .onion. But the Deepweb doesn’t refer only to .onion sites, it’s in reference to anything (Tor or not) that isn’t indexed by a search engine. Have you made a site that doesn’t show up on Google? You’re part of the Deepweb. A tiny tiny minority of .onion websites are used for selling and trading drugs and looking at pictures of underage little girls. And it’s awful, just like it’s awful that it exists on the “normal” internet.

I ran a newer incarnation of TorChan for a long time after the last one was taken down (along with my boyfriend), and we saw all sorts of people pass through. Most were just paranoid people who didn’t want the NSA spying on them, so they used Tor to be anonymous and enjoyed talking about security. Some came for CP and were turned away because we obviously didn’t allow that shit. Some wanted to be elite hackers and were trying to build up Babby’s First DDOS Tool and were generally laughed at. Some were looking for drugs. But, for the most part, they were just normal *chan people who wanted a deeper layer of security. 

Silk Road was the only reputable place to buy drugs (prescription like adderall or harder stuff like cocaine), and for a time, they sold weapons, most commonly fully automatic weapons, which are illegal in the US. That part of Silk Road got shut down because it didn’t generate m uch revenue, however. No one with half a brain ever believed or bought the “hitman” services. Those were OBVIOUS scams to steal your money. I designed a couple .onion websites for a scammer who was selling “exotic animals.” I’m not proud of it, but I made good money in BTC and was able to exchange those during the BTC bubble and get about $1200 out of it.

Through all of this, you know what was coolest? Tor functioned as a political sanctuary for people in countries where their government controlled freedom of speech. Without fear, these people could come online anonymously and post plans for protests or just voice opinions with other like-minded individuals. It is completely anonymous and completely safe. I saw a lot of this activity on TorChan’s /international/ board, but there was even more on dedicated message boards for this kind of thing.

The deepweb isn’t scary or mysterious, it’s just a place with extra security for people who are mindful about that sort of thing. Drugs were sold, CP exists, and people scam you for being dumb enough to believe a hitman would actually advertise himself online. It’s just like the internet, albeit with people a bit more paranoid (sometimes for good reason).

So PLEASE stop saying Deepweb is spooky or disgusting, because while it can serve a nefarious purpose, it is very important for other groups of people who have no other way to be heard and speak openly with their community.

Thanks for this!

I apologize while searching up information about the deep web, I found a lot of (exaggerated) articles and none with honest information like you presented.